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About time too...

Having a haircut in a mo. As I said, about time too. I had thought about growing it again, but have now realised I have the patience of a four year old, and this is just irritating me.

It needs to go.

I intend to be scalped to within an inch of my life. Watch this space.

On the other hand, when I mentioned haircut to the small people, i had one cry of "over my dead body" - he wants to look like Justin pre scalping... And one cry of "I need a fringe!". Both of these suggestions I have kicked into touch.

Small girls hair is hard enough to do with out there being bits of different lengths everywhere, and despite the current pc drive for child empowerment and all that jazz, I can't be doing with the boy looking like I could turn him upside down and mop the floor with him, neither can I do with the constant twitching as they inevitably actually try to see through said mop.

Tooth Fairy

Currently writing a letter from the Tooth Fairy...

The BG hasn't even lost a tooth, but one of her school friends told her that the TF writes back if you send them a letter. This is the second night running and the second letter I have had to fabricate.

Best do it sober tonight. The 15 year old delighted in pointing out that spelling mistake in last nights effort. But BG didn't notice in all the excitement!


My head hurts...


This week just has to stop, take a deep breath, and leave me the hell alone.


I'm getting random stupid emails from Face Book from people I don't know. I'm chasing my tail from pillar to post over Church, the kids, the school, Harvest, learn to sign week, and goodness knows what else I have forgotten.

If you find me in a little puddle somewhere, sweep me up and let me sleep till Christmas, please?



Does no one know how to use the correct tense anymore? Apparently no one I know can distinguish between was/were and seen/saw. It's completely driving me insane!

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Zumba appears to be the latest fashion in torture for ladies of a certain age. I'm shocked to find that I am that certain age and in need of losing several stone, so have been sucked into the pain and sweat-fest that is the weekly Zumba class.

I dutifully turn up, jig about in completely uncoordinated spasms until the hour is up and the lively lady at the front tells us all that we have been brilliant and we have done ourselves the world of good.

It would appear to be at least doing some good. My pedometer managed to record 16000 steps last week during a class. That at least must be the equivalent to a marathon, and worth at least half a pound?

Apparently the trick is to eat less and move more, in the vain hope that there will be less of me at the end. There is always hope!

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Well, hello there LJ!

I can't believe it's been over a year since I last posted. How slack of me. Must try harder and all that.

Lots been going on, nothing too exciting though, so It's not like I've been rushed off my feet saving the universe or anything. Just stuff. Lots of little things that have coalesced into one big "stuff" monster that ate a year.

Still training. Taking a few months out of college to let the valium kick in, then back to the grind. Conducted my first solo funeral on Monday, but that needs a post all to itself...

Still got several children. And several more on an on/off basis. That's a story for a post all of it's own. Still married, haven't quite managed to kill him yet, despite moments of utter rage inducing stupidity.

Have a current passion for Sherlock and got sucked into True Blood. At least the vampires are slightly better represented than in other series...

Right. Back to the childminding routine. I seem to have four of the little monsters again.

On a plus note, have lost 5 pounds doing Zumba and eating slightly less. only another two and a half stone to go... sigh... ;-)


Comedy. Strange stuff.

Just read 2 articles.

Guardian New Offenders Article

And it's rebuff from Dave Gorman.

Dave Gorman's Blog

The basic gist is that the Guardian recons that comedy is going too far again. There are no taboos, we can pick on whoever we like, make any point that we like and get away with it without consequences in the name of comedy.

Dave Gorman comes back with a defense of the particular comics that are singled out in the article, declaring that the audience missed the point and the quotes have been taken out of context.

If what Gorman says about these routines is actually true, then maybe there is a defense for these comics, but what does it say that there needs to be a defense?

He does not counter any of the arguments that comedy is green-lighting bigotry, racism, misogyny and all the other things, but that one routine has been taken out of context, and if people were offended, then they missed the point.

Exactly what the Guardian said that the defense would be.

Too dozy to work out where I'm actually going with this, but I just thought it was interesting.


Weekend update...

1 dress for ex-sister-in-laws wedding, shopped till we dropped, then ended up in Tesco. Cool dress though, and for 1/4 of the price I was going to pay anywhere else!

Lashes dyed successfully. Probably best not to ask the reason, but it was x-s-i-l's idea, and seemed like a good idea at the time...

...As did the spray tan. Mostly successful, and definitely an experience. If I ever wish to strip to my knickers, stand in a shower and be spray-painted by a stick thin blonde teenager... Well, I think I've just pointed out how that felt! But the tan looks OK. Mostly brown with the odd splashes of orange. Nice for a novelty, but probably not something to be repeated. Waaaaayyyyy too much faff!

Sunday School presentation happened. Boyo did his first reading in church, and was fabulous! Baby Girl sang her song, and was beautiful.

Boyo's birthday party next weekend, and then on to aforementioned wedding the weekend after.

These days are just packed...



Completely toasted.

My shoulders are on fire, and my neck feels decidedly crispy.

It's all my own fault. Sitting in the sun for that long, despite the suncream, probably counts as my own fault.

It was the church fayre and I was sticking glitter to children for a quid a go. Went really well, did 44 glittery temporary tattoos in 2 hours, but also managed to toast my back shoulders and neck to the stage beyond sunburn that is known as complete pain...

Never mind. I had fun anyway!


Dips toe back into Lj with a meme...

I'm back! *waves to everyone*

Been stupid busy. Had stupid net stuff which they tell me is now fixed! Had my own head explode several times due to the complete craziness of life.

So have a thing.

Who is your Harry Potter Mate
Your Result: Remus Lupin

You like a nice, quiet mate with a little wildness hidden away. A true gentleman, he will not take advantage, you will have to take the first step. Very loyal, but very shy, it will be hard to win him over, but once you have mated, it will be for life.

Ronald Weasley
Albus Dumbledore
Harry Potter
Severus Snape
Lord Voldemort
Lucius Malfoy
Draco Malfoy
Who is your Harry Potter Mate
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See you all again soon!